Denoby Hastings

Famous for trapping the One-Eyed Thief once... he got away, but he never forgave me for that.



Name Denoby Hastings
Level, Race, Class Level 1 Halfling Rogue
One Unique Thing Famous for trapping the One-Eyed Thief once… he got away, but he never forgave me for that.

Primary Abilities

Ability Ability Score Ability Modifier Ability Modifier + Level
Strength 13 +1 +2
Constitution 15 +2 +3
Dexterity 15 +2 +3
Intelligence 14 +2 +3
Wisdom 14 +2 +3
Charisma 9 -1 +0


Background Title Background Bonus
Graduated from Horizon’s Magic Academy, with a degree in runic magic, specializing in magical trap design +3
Caught the One-Eyed Thief in an elaborate trap of my own design in Emperor Secondus’ Palace +4
On the run from the One-Eyed Thief +3

Icon Relationships

Icon Relationship Type Value
The One-Eyed Thief Negative 2
Emperor Secondus Valerius Horatius Conflicted 1

Basic Attacks

Dagger (Melee) Dagger (Thrown)
Dex + Level vs AC — d8/level + Dex (Miss: Level) Dex + Level vs AC — d4/level + Dex (Miss: Level)

Racial Features

Feature Name Feature Description
Small You have a +2 AC bonus against opportunity attacks.

Class Features

Feature Name Feature Description
Exploit the Advantage (Momentum) Many of the rogue’s powers function only when the rogue has momentum.
You gain momentum by hitting an enemy with an attack.
You lose momentum when you are hit by an attack.
The default is that you can use momentum powers without losing momentum, but a few powers specify that you must spend your momentum to use them. You don’t have to use attacks that require momentum against the foe you hit to gain that momentum.
Momentum powers that do not require you to spend your momentum are generally classified as interrupt actions. You can only use one interrupt action a round, which keeps your momentum powers from dominating the battle.
Whoops! (Sneak Attack) Once per round when you make a rogue melee weapon attack against an enemy engaged with one or more of your allies, you can deal extra damage if your attack hits.
Level 1: +1d4
Level 2: +1d6
Level 4: +2d6
Level 6: +3d6
Level 8: +5d6
Level 10: +7d6
Heritage of the Hastings Clan (Trap Sense) If a rogue’s skill check involving a trap is a natural even failure, the rogue can reroll the skill check once. If a trap’s attack roll against a rogue is a natural odd roll, the rogue can force the trap to reroll the attack once.

Class Talents

Talent Name Talent Description
Let’s Dance! (Swashbuckle) Once per battle as a quick action, you can spend your momentum to pull off a daring stunt the likes of which others could scarcely conceive. You may make an attack as part of the stunt, but you’ll need to roll normally for the attack. This is an improvisational talent.
As a swashbuckler, you do not need a difficult skill check to pull the stunt off.
You’ll Never Take Me Alive! (Tumble) You gain a +5 bonus to disengage checks. In addition, while you are moving, if an enemy moves to intercept you, you can make one disengage roll per intercepting enemy as a free action to avoid that enemy, but you must stop the first time you fail any of those disengage checks.
Smarty Pants (Cunning) You can use your Intelligence in place of your Charisma for any rogue attacks, talents, or powers that use Charisma (e.g. shadow walk and slick feint). You also gain two extra points of backgrounds to spend on knowledge-related backgrounds and gain a +2 bonus to skill checks involving traps.

Racial and Class Powers

Power Name Power Description
Try Again! (Evasion) Once per battle, force an enemy that hits you with an attack to reroll the attack with a –2 penalty.
Run Away! (Evasive Strike) Melee attack
Target: One enemy
Attack: Dexterity + Level vs. AC
Hit: WEAPON + Dexterity damage, and you can pop free from the target.
Miss: Damage equal to your level.
Here, Catch! (Flying Blade) Ranged attack
Special: You must use a small bladed weapon with this attack.
Target: One nearby creature
Attack: Dexterity + Level vs. AC
Hit: WEAPON + Dexterity damage, and if your natural attack roll is even and one of your allies is engaged with the target, you can use your Sneak Attack damage for the round.
Miss: Damage equal to your level.
So Close! (Roll With It) Momentum power
At-Will (once per round)
Interrupt action; requires momentum
Trigger: A melee attack that targets AC hits you.
Effect: You take half damage from that attack.
In and Out, Easy Peasy! (Tumbling Strike) Melee attack
Always: You gain a +5 bonus to all disengage checks you attempt this turn. You can also move to engage an enemy, make this attack against it, and then use a quick action to attempt to disengage from it (the quick action disengage lets you move again if you succeed).
Attack: Dexterity + Level vs. AC
Hit: WEAPON + Dexterity damage.
Miss: Damage equal to your level.


Feat Name Feat Description
Hard-Headed You gain a +1 bonus to Mental Defense.


Defense Value Vitality Value
AC 15 Max HP 24
PD 15 Recoveries per day 8
MD 14 Recovery value 1d8+2

The character sheet alone should be self-sufficient in describing Denoby Hastings’ backstory, but suffice to say that he’s from a long line of trapsmiths, and using the lessons he acquired from his family and his studies at the Magical Academy, he was able to create the trap that made him famous throughout Axis, as it caught the most elusive of individuals in the world: the One-Eyed Thief (or at least, someone who the authorities claim as the Prince of Shadows).

It wasn’t all glitz and glamor however: several hours after the news of his capture came out, the One-Eyed Thief disappeared, and days later mysterious deaths and robberies began to occur to people surrounding the Hastings clan, leading some to think that the Hastings clan are actually in cahoots with the One-Eyed Thief, that the One-Eyed Thief allowed himself to be captured so that he could later on steal something from Emperor Secondus (something the authorities refuse to comment on). At the same time, Denoby himself experienced “accidents” and direct attempts at his life far more often than one might want, leading him to suspect that the One-Eyed Thief was out to get him as revenge for humiliating the greatest of thieves, and so he decided to pack his bags and leave Axis.

He’s been on the run ever since…

Denoby Hastings

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