Arabel Montoya

A spritely lady tempered by her path of vengeance


Arabel Montoya
Human Female
Ranger level 1

STR 14 / +2 / +3
CON 12 / +1 / +2
DEX 16 / +3 / +4 (Ranger Bonus)
INT 12 / +1 / +2
WIS 14 / +2 / +3 (Human Bonus)
CHA 12 / +1 / +2

Armor Class 17 / Physical Defense 14 / Mental Defense 12

Initiative 4
Max Hit Points 24 / 3 / 1d8+1

Armor Type Light (a mix of duelist cloth and leather that serves well for long journeys)

Melee Weapon Dueling Rapier / ATK+5 vs. AC / 1d8+2 (Miss: 1)
Ranged Weapon Sword Breaker / ATK+4 vs. AC / 1d4+3 (Miss: 1)

One Unique Thing
Arabel possesses one piece of their family’s symbol – a serrated onyx dagger that bears the semblance of Shadowfang. It is called the Sword Breaker. (Her older brother holds the Ragewind Rapier called “Steel Torch”, while the Thunderspark Brooch called “Second Chance” has gone missing. All three pieces were products of their Father’s craftsmanship with forged steel, claiming that the designs and techniques came to him in succeeding dreams visited by The Dragonic Triumvirate themselves.)


4 points. Daughter of the Axis Courts Arabel was born as the second child of Domingo and Maribelle Montoya. As she grew up, she was constantly groomed by her mother and her tutors to be a bride that would be sought after throughout Axis and its neighboring kingdoms. Although this fact displeases her, Arabel performs her tasks as best as she could, learning well all the arts and wiles that would make her family proud. When she was finally of age, she was presented to the courts and was introduced to Axis’ circles. She realized how terrifying politics and overall nobility can be when she became the target of a social bullying by a few ladies who were either jealous or envious of her sudden spotlight. After surviving a few scandals and incidents here and there, Arabel found her rhythm and exacted her plot to remove the stain from her family’s name. Forming her own social clique involving even the most unseeming pageboys, she gathered all the dirt she could as ammunition to further her cause. Soon she was arranged to be married to a sleaze of a rich merchant who had clout in the weapons trade. Arabel put her plan in motion and uncovered her betrothed’s womanizing ways, going as far as orchestrating to implicate her bullies along. It left a bad taste in her mouth, but it gave her the way out.

4 points. Dance of the Ragewind Owing to the blood of Ramirez flowing in her veins, Arabel found the beauty and attraction in sword arts more to her liking than weapon crafting or social climbing ever could. While her brother Inigo excelled at Fencing, she found herself naturally attuned to the Sword and Dagger style of combat. Her grandfather, Juan Sanchez Villaloboz Ramirez, learned of this technique from his days back in Drakkenhall and has since been strict in passing on the skills to her during her free time. She has proven herself well in duels, but is untested in full skirmishes. Before her grandfather can pass on the greatest lessons, she loses her father in what appears to have been a failed theft. With her brother leaving to chase after the murderer, it falls to her to represent their family in the Dragon Army.

5 points, Deserter of the 110th Scouting Legion Arabel’s potential was welcomed in the service of the Dragon Army and it ultimately rewarded her a position among the ranks of the Scouting Legion. There, she was further trained and served as the eyes and ears of the Imperial Army. She earns her decorations after her own squad succeeds in uncovering an elven trafficking ring and bringing its key members to justice. This seals her fate away from Axis’ political ladders, much to her pleasure. But everything changed when her deployment crossed her path with The Man With Six Fingers. Seeing her brother’s sword in possession of such a fiend shocked Arabel to her very core. The night before her desertion, she is visited by The Dragonic Triumvirate in her dreams, imparting a wisdom of sorts. She carries the words that she can remember to this very day, still with no means to decipher the entirety of it. (From Ragewind: “…Feel”, From Thunderspark: “Hear…”, and from Shadowfang: “…Think!”) With plans of returning to answer for her infraction after she’s done, Arabel spirits away to Shadow Port to find her footing on her new quest.


1 pts. The Dragonic Triumvirate – positive
2 pts. Emperor Secondus Valerius Horatius – conflicted

LETHAL HUNTER – Once per Battle: Choose a Target. For the entire duration of the Battle, expand the critical range against that target by 2.
TRACKER – Gain a Background equivalent to TRACKING for a full 5 points without spending your starting 8 background points. Gain the TERRAIN STUNT power.
2-WEAPON MASTERY – Gain a +1 Attack Bonus with fighting while wielding one-handed weapon in each hand.

TERRAIN STUNT – Roll a D6 at start of battle. Perform Improvisational Wilderness Stunt upon reaching Escalation value of the roll. Depending on the action and terrain, this can be done more than once per battle.

TERRAIN STUNT – This power can now be applied to Urban Environment as well.
LETHAL HUNTER – Increase critical range expansion by 1 more.

  1. The Montoya family was well-off and originally just known for their smithing practices. Until they absorbed the Ramirez family through marriage, and then they became the most successful and prosperous bladeforgers.
  2. For generations, they innovated smithing practices to even include in assisting research in production of pure alloys. Added further by the skilled swordsmanship of their new family members, it didn’t take long until they found their place in the upper echelons of Axis society.
  3. Using rock fragments from a fallen star, Domingo Montoya refines black steel. He uses this to forge a Rapier, a Dagger and a Brooch as revealed to him in his dreams by The Three. These three form the pieces of the Montoya Family’s prized treasures.
  4. Inigo Montoya is born. The heir to the Thirteenth generation of the Montoya lineage. Four years later, Arabel Montoya is born.
  5. Father is killed by a man with six fingers for possession of the Steel Torch.
  6. Inigo barely succeeds in driving the murderer off, but too late to save their Father
    After training over the years in Sword Arts under their grandfather, Inigo disappears along with Steel Torch in search of the man with six fingers.
  7. Arabel follows suit with Sword Arts and grows up to be an exceptional individual noticed by the Dragon Empire…. for better or worse.
  8. Arabel joins the 110th Scouting Legion of the Empire.
  9. Arabel catches a glimpse of the man with six fingers during deployment. She also finds Steel Torch in his possession. Arabel deserts the Legion in pursuit.
  10. Arabel hops from region to region to find clues to her older brother’s fate as well as the whereabouts of the man with six fingers.
  11. Arabel is also in constant hiding from the Dragon Empire due to her desertion.

Note: The Family Heirlooms are nothing but unbreakable on their own. But when they fall under one member of the Montoya family, it shows it’s true power. It is yet to be known as it has never been done ever since Domingo created them. But The Three knows exactly what they are, and they have plans for the Montoya bloodline.

Arabel Montoya

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