Leutra Klinfor



Name Leutra “Lute” Klinfor
Level, Race, Class Level 1 Half-Elf Ranger
One Unique Thing He always finds an alcoholic beverage that can lift anyone’s spirits anywhere he looks, no matter how unlikely the place, container, or circumstance.

Primary Abilities

Ability Ability Score Ability Modifier Ability Modifier + Level
Strength 10 +0 +1
Constitution 16 +3 +4
Dexterity 16 +3 +4
Intelligence 10 +0 +1
Wisdom 14 +2 +3
Charisma 14 +2 +3


Background Title Background Bonus
Former Member of the Blackhouse Hooligans brigands in Forge +3
Studied the ways of the Crying God with the help of Arthak Elis, a wandering cleric +2
Survivor of the Red Wastes +5
Bartender of the Hapless Scumsucker in Shadow Port +3

Icon Relationships

Icon Relationship Type Value
King Arran Blackshield Negative 1
Oracle Natalia of the First Dawn Conflicted 1
The One-Eyed Thief Conflicted 1

Basic Attacks

Quarterstaff Dagger
(Double Handed) +4 vs AC — 1d6 + 0 (1) (Melee) +4 vs AC — 1d4 + 0 (1)
(Dual Wielded) +4 vs AC — 1d4 + 0 (1) (Thrown) +4 vs AC — 1d4 + 3 (1)

Class Talents

Talent Name Talent Description
Taint of the Red Wastes (Fey Queen’s Enchantments) Choose one daily or recharge spell of your level or lower from the sorcerer class. You can cast this spell as if you were a sorcerer (though you can’t gather power).
Sign of the Crying God (Ranger ex Cathedral) Choose one daily or recharge spell of your level or lower from the cleric class. You can cast this spell as if you were a cleric. You can change your chosen spell each time you take a full heal-up.
Survival of the Fittest (Tracker) You have the Tracker background at its full possible bonus of +5, without having to spend your normal background points on it. You are an expert wilderness tracker, capable of reading clues from the environment that others can’t perceive. Tracking doesn’t work well, however, in heavily traveled urban environments.
In addition, you have the terrain stunt power.

Racial and Class Powers

Power Name Power Description
Here’s a Little Trick I Know… (Surprising) Once per battle, subtract one from the natural result of one of your own d20 rolls.
Nature’s Little Surprises (Terrain Stunt) At the start of each battle in a non-urban environment, roll a d6. Any time after the escalation die reaches that number, you’ll be able to use a quick action to execute a terrain stunt. Normally you can only use terrain stunt once per battle, but circumstances, geography, or excellent planning may suggest that you can pull it off more than once.
Terrain stunts are improvisational effects that play off your preternatural understanding of the wilderness and all the diverse forms of the natural world. Things like knocking a hornets nest no one had noticed onto your enemy’s head, maneuvering a foe onto a soggy patch of ground that slows them down, shooting the cap off a mushroom spore in a dungeon that erupts on your enemies, getting your enemy’s sword wedged into a stalactite, finding the tree branch that lets you vault up to attack the flying demon that thought it was out of axe range, and similar types of actions.
Vengeance of the Crying God! (Hammer of Faith) Close-quarters spell
Effect: Until the end of the battle, your basic melee attacks use d12s as their base weapon damage dice.
Mint-Flavored Frost Range Blend, Vintage Year of the Wizard King (Breath of the White, in the form of an alcoholic beverage) Close-quarters spell
Target: 1d2 nearby enemies in a group; breath weapon
Attack: Charisma + Level vs. PD
Hit: 3d6 + Charisma cold damage.
Miss: Half damage.
Breath Weapon: For the rest of the battle, roll a d20 at the start of each of your turns. On a 16+, you can use breath of the white dragon that turn if you wish.
Tears of the Crying God (Heal, in the form of an alcoholic beverage) Close-quarters spell
Special: You can use this spell ONCE per battle (instead of the normal twice per battle).
Quick action to cast (1/round)
Target: You or one ally you are next to
Effect: The target can heal using a recovery.


Feat Name Feat Description
Flask of Godly Tears You can cast the cleric class feature heal spell once per battle.


Defense Value Vitality Value
AC 18 Max HP 30
PD 15 Recoveries per day 3
MD 13 Recovery value 1d8 + 3

Leutra “Lute” Klinfor was born into poverty, always getting into trouble because of his kleptomaniac behavior. It became so bad that he decided to flee towards the nearest city (Forge, the capital of the dwarves), which in retrospect wasn’t exactly the best of ideas. He was caught and beaten to an inch of his life so many times, yet still he persevered, which eventually got the attention of the Blackhouse Hooligans, a bunch of riff-raffs that could be considered as one of the bigger crime syndicates in Forge (and one of the few that employed non-dwarves, given how hard it is to get a non-dwarf to blend into the crowds). He was probably destined to live a life of thievery, and not much else.

Everything changed when he met Arthak Elis, a wandering tiefling who claimed to be a prophet of the Crying God, who he said took pity on him, much like he now took pity on Lute as he willingly gave up all his belongings to the thief. Dumbfounded yet intrigued, Lute’s curiosity got the better of him, and he began to follow this strange man, who eventually taught him more about the Crying God.

As they were wandering around, preaching about the Crying God, they eventually reached the Red Wastes. While they were teaching the Good Word to some orcs, a freak dust storm rose up from nowhere, separating them from each other (for a moment Lute thought he saw Arthak rise to the heavens during the storm). When the storm abated, the orc village and Arthak were nowhere to be seen, and even the area he was in was not recognizable anymore. For years he traveled the Red Wastes, trying to find his way out, eventually learning how to survive and even thrive in the Red Wastes in spite of its inhospitable nature (it might have been possible that during this time, he had fallen into a living dungeon by accident and ended up in another world, adventuring with strange and powerful beings for decades… but that could’ve been just Lute hallucinating).

When he eventually found his way out of the Red Wastes, he looked up his old contacts, and learned that his warrants were still up for some reason (seems some dwarves had rather long memories). So to play it safe, he got to the first ship from Glitterhaegen to Shadow Port — with the life savings from the Blackhouse Hooligans that no one else knew he had — and “retired” from adventuring by purchasing and investing in his own tavern, the Hapless Scumsucker.

Of course, with his luck, it’s more often that adventure comes to him, whether he likes it or not…

[ As for his One Unique Thing? Well, it was something that he had for as long as he can remember. Most of the time it’s mundane in nature — a bottle here, a bottle there — but there are times that these alcoholic beverages pop out of the oddest of places (like in the middle of the Red Wastes), and it always seemed to be appropriate for the situation… from dwarven ale strong enough to cleanse wounds, to fine elven wine that invigorates the soul. Arthak said it was a gift from the Crying God, so he’s always called it “Tears of the Crying God”, but Lute never asked where it really came from. ]

Leutra Klinfor

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