These are the heads of major organizations and states within the Dragon Empire that have considerable influence throughout the empire. It’s possible for player characters to eventually become Icons themselves either as the campaign progresses, or at the end of their characters’ adventuring life.

In the Dragonic Chronicles, these are the Icons of the 13th age:

  • Aurelius Tomesworn the Blue – the most powerful wizard in the world, who lends most of his magic into both maintaining the relative stability of the Dragon Empire, as well as creating new spells (some of which risk tearing reality asunder, or so you hear)
  • The Black Knight – the relentless harbinger of the dark gods, who is currently too preoccupied with destroying all the demons in the world to prepare the rest of the world for the coming of his true masters
  • Gall Ebonhand the Bloodscreamer – she who summons and binds demons to do her bidding, and is the most powerful of demonologists (for now); hopefully she hasn’t corrupted any of the other Icons (yet)
  • King Arran Blackshield – lord of the underworld, or at least what civilization is left in that hostile world, and as part of his alliance with Emperor Secondus, he has his warriors defending the northern side of the Dragon Empire and has made peace with another ally of the Dragon Empire, Lady Milari
  • Lady Milari Ith’quin – ruler of all elves, her Court of Stars plays host to all three races, although ancient faults might still be remembered by members of her court
  • Emperor Secondus Valerius Horatius – ruler of the Dragon Empire, named for its protectors, the legendary dragonriders; it is rumored that he, or someone very close to him (like one of his cousins), has a sixth finger…
  • Athelius the Old – a dragon so big that a gnome can use a single scale of this dragon as if it were a mount, he willingly entered the rift in reality called the Abyss to ensure that demons don’t go through it, but continues to communicate to his champions and chosen through dreams and his paladins, the Order of the Shimmering Scales
  • Mirella Wyldgard – the champion of nature, she loathes civilization and its intrusion into the wilderness, but so far has not denied nature’s benefits to it, and there are even reports that fields have become more bountiful because of her influence… for now (she’s Lady Milari’s half-sister by the way)
  • King Arracan Soulblight – he was the first ruler of what is now the Dragon Empire, but was slain during the fight with Emperor Cornelius Horatius (whose reign marked the 1st Age), and has returned as a powerful archlich
  • Lord Grobar Bonecrusher – His ancestor, Lord Rocrum Bonecrusher, who was created by Lady Il’beth Ith’quin (the first Elf Queen), was instrumental to the destruction of King Arracan and his empire, rallying all orcs and goblinkind under his banner; he is rumored to have begun rallying all orcs and goblinkind once more…
  • Oracle Natalia of the First Dawn – priestess of the gods of light, she is a kind and precious soul who advocates peace
  • The One-Eyed Thief – considered a myth by some and real by others, this enigmatic figure has been known to steal valuable artifacts and other things, some even deemed impossible to steal, and is currently being hunted down by King Arran, and even Aurelius (who, in spite of all his power, has not been able to track him down so far)
  • The Dragonic Triumvirate – Ragewind, Shadowfang, and Thunderspark are ancient dragons who have lived since before the 1st age. Individually powerful enough to be an Icon upon themselves, recently they have decided to work together to form this powerful and fearsome triumvirate…

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