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The campaign takes place near the end of the 13th Age in the Dragon Empire.

The Dragon Empire

In this world, there are different factions vying for power, headed by powerful mortals called Icons. Until recently, a relative period of peace has fallen upon the empire, as none of the factions could gain an upper hand over the other. One day…

Creating a new character.

If you are already familiar with the character creation method of 13th Age, feel free to add your level 1 character already to the Character Page. If you’re new to the system, you can choose between the following level 1 pre-generated characters:

You may have noticed that there are blanks in the pre-generated character sheets, specifically when it comes to the Name, One Unique Thing, Backgrounds, and Icon Relationships.

Missing Information What to put in it
Name Your character’s name.
One Unique Thing A non-mechanical feature of your character that makes you different from any other person in the world. This can be a blood relationship (“I am the bastard son of the Emperor”), an achievement (“I am the three time champion of a drinking contest run by dwarves.”), a position (“I am the only halfling knight in the service of the Empire”), or something else that has no immediate mechanical benefit.
Backgrounds A one-sentence summary of each aspect of your character’s background (similar to FATE’s Aspects). Once you’re done writing these background aspects, you will be given 8 background points. Assign points to each aspect based on how influential that part of your background is to your character (maximum of 5 points in one background); for instance, a Shadow Port Fisherman +5 background means that you get a +5 to ability checks related to being a fisherman from Shadow Port. Note that the Game Master may require you to elaborate and flesh out these aspects of your background so as to clarify and expand on where they can apply to.
Icon Relationships This represents your overall relationship with the various factions. Each character is given 3 Icon relationship points, which determines how likely you’ll be able to call upon the aid of the Icon and/or their organizations (not the scale of the aid you’d acquire from them). To determine the type of benefit that you’d gain, assign the type of relationship that you have with them: “positive” means you’re considered an ally of the Icon, “negative” means you’re considered an enemy of the Icon, and “conflicted” means you have a relationship that’s not necessarily positive or negative (but definitely a little more than neutral). For example, having a “negative 1” relationship with the Archmage means you have access to information that the Archmage wouldn’t want others to get hold of, as well as aid from other enemies of the Archmage. At higher levels and/or with the help of certain game elements such as Blood Links, you’ll gain additional relationship points, but it is only in Epic tier that you can assign more than 3 points to any Icon.

Icon Relationships are tied to another game mechanic (Relationship Dice), which have a variety of uses throughout the campaign.

You can use this Textile template for PCs for the Characters section of this page, or you can make a copy of the pregens in Google Drive and share the file’s URL in the Characters section.


Expect the adventures here to be brutal and swift, as each campaign in this world will last only 10 sessions, with players gaining a level at the end of each session. If you can figure out ahead of time what your character’s eventual build will be, please do so.

Game Tools

I plan on using Roll20 for running the campaign, but expect the visuals to be fairly lacking; since virtually every aspect of the session is done impromptu, only the macros, Escalation Die, and the occassional map drawing will be used, and because of latency issues I’ll likely stick to just audio broadcasts at best.


For a more complete list of houserules, see this link.

Main Page

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